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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Dario Silva MDiv, PhD, LPCC

“Real is Better than Perfect”

Dorothy Satten, Ph.D.

 So often, we spend most of our life trying to become “perfect” in order to be approved, accepted, or acknowledged by someone else. We lose ourselves in the process of trying to be the perfect self, and thus soon become dis-eased with life.  We forget to simply work on being our “Real Self,” the Self that God made us to be.

 Learning to get in touch with that Real Self is the work of mental/spiritual health therapy. God is calling us to become the loving self we were created to be.

 As a licensed professional clinical mental health counselor (LPCC), Dario's work has been dedicated to assisting others discover their own true self. He has spent the major time of his career working in an academic setting, in which: he counseled students, faculty and staff work through their identity development issues as well as their life development issues, i.e., anxiety, depression and relationship issues. This work created a challenge for Dario to also work on developing his own mental and spiritual health.

Dario's clinical training includes a Doctorate degree in Counseling Psychology from New Mexico State University (2002), a Masters of Divinity from the Oblate School of Theology (1990) and a Maters in Counseling Psychology from New Mexico State University (1977). His life experience includes living with the Chontal Indians in Southern Mexico, living with Benedictine Monks in New Mexico, thirty + years of marriage and counting, helping raise two great kiddos, taking long pilgrimage walks, losing two younger brothers to untimely deaths, and developing a variety of close friendships. 

Dario utilizes an eclectic and intentional model in his work to address mental and spiritual dis-ease taking techniques drawn from affect theory, psychodrama and hypnosis.

Dario's goal, as a Christian therapist, is to help you find your own wildly unique person, the one God made you to be.